Undergraduate Medical Education/Medical Students

Current Medical Students

Undergraduate Medical Education is the first phase in the medical education experience of physicians. During this phase, students learn that our hospital’s mission and vision includes a dedication to fulfilling their 3rd and 4th year educational needs. Students are encouraged to efficiently develop their knowledge and skills to the highest standards of patient care under the supervision of our dedicated faculty physicians. WMMC teaching faculty is pleased to be involved and to know that they are a vital part of the medical student educational experience.

The White Memorial Medical Center holds a primary affiliation status with the Loma Linda University School of Medicine as well as affiliations with many other accredited medical schools and colleges.


Contact Information

Patricia Sandoval
Medical Student Coordinator

Sandovp1@ah.org (For all non-related rotation questions and concerns)
(323) 881-8840
(323) 881-8601 (Fax)

For all related rotation questions and concerns, please view the information below.


Office Hours

Monday – Thursday
7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Friday – Closed


Application Process

For all Loma Linda University School of Medicine Medical Students: Please contact the appropriate rotation coordinator.

The Medical Education/LLUSM Associate Dean's Office at White Memorial Medical Center will be accepting applications from Non-LLUSM Medical Students for the 2015-2016 Academic Year beginning May 18, 2015. Applications received before the date listed will not be accepted. For the current academic year, submit your application to check rotation availability.

For all Non-LLUSM Medical Students:

To apply for a student rotation at the White Memorial Medical Center, you must:

  • Complete and only submit the Student Rotation Request Application to wmstudentapps@ah.org (do not email required documentation). Rotational availability cannot be provided prior to the review of your application (by phone or email).
  • An e-mail will follow to confirm that your application has been received.
  • A 2nd e-mail will follow within 1-2 business days which will approve or deny your request, if your application is received between July and April from the Medical Student Coordinator. Please note: If your application is submitted between May and June, response time on rotational availability will be increased to 3-5 business days due to the high volume of anticipated applications.
  • If your rotation is approved, please contact your school coordinator and have him/her email all required documentation listed on your application to wmstudentapps@ah.org (faxes will not be accepted).
  • For questions or concerns contact Patricia Sandoval via telephone at 323 881-8840 or e-mail at wmstudentapps@ah.org. Faxed applications will not be accepted.


Requirements, Information and Forms:


Conditions & Treatments