E. Laurence Spencer-Smith, MD spencer-smith

Ms. Mary Anne Chern, President
White Memorial Medical Center
Charitable Foundation
1720 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033-2481

Dear Mary Anne,
With our sincere gratitude and deep respect for Dr. E.L. Spencer-Smith, my husband, Bret, and I are pleased to offer our support to the Gynecological and Obstetrical Medical Group at White Memorial Medical Center. The enclosed gift is in honor of the birth of our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, whom Dr. Spencer-Smith helped bring into the world last December. We ask that our gift to WMIVIC be disbursed at his discretion to best fulfill the needs of the Gynecological and Obstetrical Medical Group.
Over the past 7 years, we have been blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful children including our oldest daughter, Madeleine, and son, Kenneth, who were all born at White Memorial. The loving care and personal attention we received from the doctors, residents and nurses while at the hospital was extraordinary and made each hospital stay not only pleasant and comfortable, but memorable as well. Above all, Dr. Spencer-Smith is a beloved family friend and trusted physician; we can't imagine having delivered our children without him!
In appreciation for all your staff does for their patients,
Allison and Bret. Quinlan

Dr. Spencer-Smith was among the first members of the medical staff to be presented with The Angel Award in recognition of extraordinary care and compassion. Patients, families and staff can nominate Angels. For more information on nominating an Angel, contact Yuri Hernandez at (323) 260-5739 x 8 or e-mail her at Hernany3@ah.org


Miguel A. Ruiz
Bank of America Intern at WMMC
My experience at WMMC has been outstanding. I have had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many patients, the majority are members of my community. I am able to bridge the gap by being bilingual, bicultural and by being part of the East Los Angeles community. Being able to interact with patients on a daily basis is key in developing my communication skills and has given me the opportunity to become a leader and positive role model.
Miguel A. Ruiz Bank of America Intern at WMMC
WMMC is a place of inspiration and encouragement. I strongly believe anyone who has the opportunity to take part in this special internship will be able to improve their communication skills by stepping out of their comfort zone. As many interns are currently attending college, there are many expenses that many students cannot afford, therefore the stipend this internship offers helps alleviate the stress of worrying to pay for school expenses.
Receiving a stipend for my efforts is a great benefit. I have recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and my next step is to apply to Medical School. Being the first of my family to attend college and pursue a career in medicine has been a great honor to my family and community. However, the expenses also add up to a scary number. The stipend I am receiving is helping me cover some of the major cost to further my education and encouraging to continue on to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.
In addition to being at WMMC, I have had the privilege to meet countless medical professionals and even had to opportunity shadow them. Every doctor has very encouraging and willing to help in any way they can. Having doctors and medical staff who believe in me is uplifting because it motivates me to continue working hard and one day I will be the next doctor serving my community.
With the skills and lessons I have learned by being at WMMC, I would like to open my health center and serve my community with compassion and send a message of hope and encouragement. I believe I am gaining the tools necessary to become a leader and an inspiration to many more students, parents and community members so that they may also not give up on their dreams but chase after them no matter how difficult or how far they may seem.
In December 2012, Miguel became a part-time employee of White Memorial in the Patient Transport Department. This enables him to remain at WMMC and gain valuable experience, while studying for the exam to enter medical school.