Lifestyle Overview of an OB/GYN Resident at White Memorial

Lifestyle: A Day in the Life of Dr. Devera... 

Dr. Devera
The alarm rings at 5:30 a.m. Dr. Ruthann Devera, second-year OB/GYN resident, stumbles out of bed and through her morning routine. She grabs her ID badge and heads from her home to the hospital. She arrives at 6:00 a.m. and heads for the maternity ward. It was a busy night and she will have to be efficient if all the patients are to be seen by 8 a.m. She finds that the patient in room 3512 has spiked a temperature early this morning and the new mother of twins in 3524 is having trouble breast feeding. After reporting this to the senior resident doing chart checks, Ruthann hurries off to help a medical student remove staples. Then it is back to see the rest of her patients before rounds.

The team that is on Labor and Delivery for the day receives sign out and decides how to manage the patients in the labor rooms. Room 1 has a patient with PIH; room 3 has a baby in breech presentation. Dr. Shaw is waiting in the conference room at 8 a.m. sharp for rounds. The third year resident responsible for the antepartum service presents the patients. After a quick debriefing by the senior resident about the complicated patients on post-partum, the team heads to the cafeteria for a quick breakfast before clinic starts at 9 a.m.

Dr. Devera and coworkers

Dr. Devera has a full load of patients in her continuity clinic this morning. Her first patient is a pregnant 16-year-old who is unmarried and in need of support as well as prenatal care. After a thorough exam, she is referred to parenting classes and social services. After discussing a difficult case with Dr. Warner, Ruthann finishes with her patients at 12:15 p.m. and grabs a quick lunch.

Then it is on to Labor and Delivery where, as the most junior resident on the floor, Dr. Devera is in charge of "running the board." She is responsible for all the uncomplicated deliveries as well as managing the triage patients with the interns. She is briefed by the intern who was covering in the morning and learns that five patients are laboring this afternoon. The patient in Room 4 is completely dilated and is ready to push. She takes a quick check of the triage where she admits a patient and does an ultrasound on another who has just been in a minor traffic accident. The nurses page and say that Room 4 is ready to deliver. Ruthann hurries to scrub and gown up while the nurses prepare the delivery. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Devera helps deliver a healthy seven-pound baby boy. Just as Ruthann is finishing up her paperwork, the senior resident calls for a crash Cesarean section in OR 1. He asks Ruthann to help assist him and Dr. Wohlmuth with the surgery.

Dr. Devera in Delivery

After the C-section, Ruthann goes back to the triage where a woman in labor with no prenatal care has just come in. She determines that the patient is already dilated to six cm, so admits her. By 6:00 p.m., Dr. Devera has delivered four babies, assisted in a C-section, and sent three people home who were not yet in labor. It has been a challenging but rewarding day. But now it is time to go home and rest. Ruthann is on-call this weekend.