I Will Use All Resources Responsibly And Efficiently.

Using resources responsibly and efficiently always begins with oneself. As a nurse, I am one of the hospital’s resources. So when I want to use resources responsibly and efficiently, I have to ask if I am using my time efficiently. Am I using hospital supplies wisely? Am I using my co-workers’ time appropriately?

For example, if I have a question about a prescription, I’ll first use the resources at my disposal to confirm a dosage to ensure safety for my patient. Then, if I still have a question, I’ll call the pharmacy.

I will also make sure that I don’t waste anything. There’s a cost associated with everything, so I’m careful to use only what is needed. I also know that by using our resources carefully, we’ll have more money available to buy new equipment — and that directly benefits our patients.

By using our resources efficiently, we protect our environment as well.

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